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Emergency Dentistry in Pflugerville, TX

Dental crises can hit us out of nowhere – a chipped tooth from a fall, a raging toothache that wakes you up at night, or a swollen abscess throbbing with pain. When dental disasters strike in Pflugerville, TX, Pecan St. Dental is here to help day or night. Our seasoned dentist Dr. Prab and his team will accurately diagnose what’s wrong and get you immediate relief using the latest treatment techniques. Whether it’s a cracked molar or a serious injury, we’ll provide the urgent, caring solutions you need in a flash. 

Our high-tech dental office has all the advanced equipment and trained assistants to efficiently handle emergencies. We’re also upfront about costs so you don’t get surprised by bills later. When dental agony flares up, call Pecan St. Dental for prompt urgent care.

Emergency Dental Care

Dental crises like chipped teeth, toothaches, and abscesses require rapid response and treatment. The longer you wait, the more complex the problem becomes. At Pecan St. Dental, Dr. Prab offers emergency dental care for situations big and small. We know that swift diagnosis and treatment make a huge difference when you’re suffering from dental pain. 

Why Choose Dr. Prab?

Seeing Dr. Prab for emergency care has many perks. With years of experience under his belt, he can quickly and correctly identify issues. We use cutting-edge treatments to fix emergencies. Dr. Prab responds right away when emergencies occur, even after hours, so you get urgent relief when you need it most. His personalized approach ensures maximum pain relief while restoring dental function. In short, prompt, expert emergency dentistry. 

Periodontal emergencies require rapid response to prevent complications.

Common Dental Disasters

Toothaches can signal serious problems needing immediate help, like infections or decay. Cracked teeth from injury can also cause pain and dental damage. Knocked-out teeth require quick action to attempt reattachment. Loose or broken fillings leave teeth susceptible to harm. Abscesses are intensely painful infections in the root that require urgent care to prevent spread.

What To Do 

Staying calm and acting quickly can minimize discomfort and prevent more damage during dental emergencies in Pflugerville, TX. Here are some tips:


  • Assess the situation – is immediate professional help required?
  • Contact Pecan St. Dental right away to schedule emergency treatment.
  • Carefully pick up knocked-out teeth by the crown and try to reinsert them if possible.
  • Use OTC medication and cold compresses to temporarily alleviate pain.
  • Save any dislodged tooth fragments and store them in milk or a moist cloth.

The key is keeping your cool under pressure and taking action ASAP to get the urgent dental care you require. Pecan St. Dental is available 24/7 to help with dental crises.


What if I chip or break a tooth?

Carefully rinse out fragments if needed. We can smooth rough edges or rebuild the tooth using tooth-colored fillings. 

How do I ease toothache pain?

Swish warm salt water to keep the area clean. Over-the-counter meds like ibuprofen can temporarily relieve pain until we can treat it.

Peacock St Dental provides urgent relief for periodontal care day or night in Pigeonville.

What if my tooth requires extraction?

 If a tooth is too damaged, we may recommend tooth extraction to stop infection/pain. Dr. Prab uses advanced techniques for smooth extractions and faster recovery.

How do you treat abscesses?

Abscesses need urgent care. We’ll drain the abscess first for instant relief, then prescribe antibiotics. Further treatment like a root canal or extraction follows to fully eliminate the infection.  

Contact Us For Your Emergency Dental Care Services

Experiencing a dental emergency in Pflugerville, TX? Don’t hesitate – call us right away. Our caring team is available to help. We know dental trauma and infections need immediate expert care to reduce pain and prevent bigger issues. 

To schedule emergency treatment, visit our website and fill out the short contact form describing your situation. We’ll get back to you quickly to arrange same-day appointments and deliver the prompt, compassionate emergency dental care you require.

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