Teledentistry / Virtual Consult in Pflugerville

  • Do you have specific questions about your smile?
  • Do you have pain in teeth but are afraid to go to dentist in such times?
  • You don’t know whether you need to go to a dentist soon or you can wait?

Connect with Pecan St. Dental and get all your questions answered.

Get a complementary dental consult from the comfort of your home knowing that you are in good hands.

Call/Text our office at 512-886-5900 to know more or email at for a live consult.


  1. You can also make a short video and take three clear photos of the problem
  2. Send your questions to the email address above with your name, DOB and phone number
  3. Receive your personalized consultation video from your dentist within 48 hours

Tips for a Successful Virtual Consult

  1. Have a flashlight handy or have ambient light for clear photo/video of teeth
  2. Have notes handy with the symptoms or problem
  3. Take help of a family member to make a video for the consult