COVID19 Patient Safety

Our top priority at Pecan St. Dental is the health and safety of our patients and employees. We are committed to providing a safe environment for you. We continue to apply infection control practices that have always been in place in our office and we have implemented new infection control and treatment guidance to further improve the environment for patients and employees.

  1. Pre-Screening of Patients - Prior to your appointment, we will send you a link to complete a short online pre-appointment screening. This helps us keep our patient and team safe. Please avoid bringing family members. However, if one of your children has an appointment, you will have the option to come into the office.
  2. Virtual Consult – We are offering complementary virtual consult over video for our patients to decide.
  3. One Patient at a time – We are only scheduling to have one patient in the entire office at any given time. So, no one waiting in the waiting area. Different Rooms are used for each consecutive patient to give time for extra cleaning of rooms.
  4. Air Purifiers – Special air purifiers are used in each treatment room to clean the air and reduce any air borne microorganisms.
  5. Defogger – An advanced indoor defogger is used to disinfect with HOCL (salt, water and electricity) after every patient in treatment room. HOCL has been proven to reduce disease cause organisms in the air. The first room goes through a defogging process with disinfectant to reduce any disease-causing organisms while patient gets treatment in second room and then is switched for next patient.
  6. Special Instrument washer – Implemented special instrument washer (Hydrim) in addition to a sterilizer that provides better cleaning and helps with better sterilization of the instruments.
  7. Single Use Instruments – Our office has switched to single use burs used in drills for cleaning teeth. So, you don’t have to worry about same bur used twice.

We look forward to seeing you soon.